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"But I acted for the sake of My name..."
Ezekiel 20:14 
The Bush Family - Our newest addition!!!
Pastor Alan and Beth Burnett
First Grandson AJ at Ft. Rucker Museum.
Freedom in Christ Assembly
Easter 2013 Alan and Beth with all the kids, spouses and grandchild.
Pastor's Parents: Larry and Cathy Burnett
I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.
God Squad on Wednesday NightsEas
Easter Baskets!!!!
Easter Lunch 2013.
Welcome back to school party 2014.
Mariah and Olivia in the part with New Brockton High Mascot.
Staring Contest BROTHER VS SITER
Sisters in the Lord being silly
Freedom Assembly Sanctuary
"The greatest sign of spirituality is endurance"
                                        -Watchman Nee 
Weekly Schedule
 Prayer                    9:00 AM
 Morning Worship   10:30 AM

Bible Study             6:00 PM
Praise the Lord!!!  We have seen God doing awesome things this year.  He has truly intervened and is leading us to reach people that are hurting and desiring true change.
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